About Us


Intermas Consultants Ltd. was founded early 1993 in Athens, Greece and is a specialized consulting company focused to assist and support innovation projects for its clients, who face numerous challenges of the modern dynamic environment. Our core team of seasoned consultants has a solid international educational background in business development economics, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategic, industrial and technology marketing, product/process development, engineering, manufacturing, marketing of industrial goods and project management.

For the past 14 years, Intermas Consultants Ltd. acts as a specialized consulting group delivering quality services and results in the fields of its core competences, assisting

  • legal business entities to develop and grow in a free market environment preferably within a framework of growth policies established by regions and governmental Institutions
  • public research bodies, publicly owned companies, non profit organizations  and regional or local administration authorities to acquire the necessary capacities for their innovation and technology transfer initiatives within the framework of their present day challenges for effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness


The company offers its services to the Greek as well as the International market. It serves clients of different types and sizes and the services are provided according to a set of quality parameters in the type of collaboration with the client as well as in the services/deliverables offered.

The company has also undertaken to provide its clients with the case specific consulting taking into account the international market conditions and best practices as well as the particular conditions existing in the client’s immediate environment; thus, ensuring that the services reflect both: the state-of-the-art international knowledge adapted to the particular conditions of the client.