Industrial Marketing

Intermas Consultants Ltd has a long experience in international marketing activities. Its senior members have worked for long periods of time in foreign countries (developed and developing) and have accumulated considerable industrial business experience.

International business partners include large corporations and aggressive medium sized technologically advanced companies in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.


Technology Marketing

During the last ten years, technology marketing has become one of the main activities of the company. Due to the evident type and form variations of this sector, the company has developed capacities and methodologies catering to different client type as well as technological, industrial and economic environments (such as they are found for example: in the Black Sea area countries (Georgia, Armenia) and/or Greece and/or Canada).

The recent intense involvement in Technology Transfer related projects, some of which were instigated by unsolicited company proposals, Intermas Consultants Ltd., has acquired analytical and solution providing capabilities for this challenging sector. Services include step-by –step technology commercialization assistance, in all phases including patents, feasibility studies, financial support, venture capital negotiations, human resource and management.

Particular mention is warranted for the concept/project initiation and development of the Tbilisi Technology Business Incubator, which is presently in the process of incorporating a number of technology spin-off companies already identified as potential future success cases, out of Georgia’s research and technology institutions.


Management – Reorganisation

The company has implemented a number of management consulting projects in Greece and abroad for different size companies, operating in several sectors of the economy.

Senior Intermas executives have assisting the Reorganization of major industrial concerns to the free market conditions, in the dramatically changing conditions of the post soviet period in Georgia and Armenia,. Many of the interventions included establishment of relations with western businesses as well as training of executives of those privatized enterprises both locally and through study and business tours.


Economic Development

The company has participated and implemented several projects in the areas of new Business development, Technology Transfer, Regional development and Cultural development. Cross boarder and technology marketing essentially consists of (new) business development challenges which normally require multifaceted and often complicated penetration strategy. In most cases our company utilizes its own direct hands-on approach in close cooperation with the client in both strategy planning and project implementation.

For new entrepreneurs, or spin-off companies out of research institutions, part of the consulting process relates to the cultivation of entrepreneurship through targeted education and training while another part relates to the assistance in locating and applying to the pertinent authorities for financial support

Intermas Consultants has also accumulated considerable experience in the area of not-for-profit business and organization development as a result of individual’s long term involvement in such organizations as well as in terms of having undertaken and implemented bilateral assistance projects for HellenicAID. This experience can be useful to non-government organizations, interested to assist specific population segments in underdeveloped countries, particularly in sustainable development projects.


Project Management

Intermas Consultants Ltd., provides Project Management services as complemetary services within its involvement in research, innovation and business development projects, for its clients. The company has acquired adequate knowledge and experience in different type of funding schemes: national, European and international, as well as in the various reporting requirements between the different project-types available.

However, the company is mostly interested in providing a more complete range of services including the area of concept development of a project, partner search, evaluation and work package assignment, budget development etc. in addition to project management in the sense of activity and budget follow-up. In such cases the company contributes to the project consortium a viable concept initiative, usually in the areas of its thematic or regional expertise, with its expanding network of potential partners in research institutions, collaborating international consulting companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and government bodies.